Mission statement

Our mission at Hurdles2Hoops is to provide a safe and supportive environment in order to tackle social exclusion and help alleviate mental health by offering a healthy escapism to those who arrive as Asylum seekers and Refugees to the UK, through activity and educational based sessions in order to promote better health and wellbeing.

Guiding Philosophy/Purpose behind H2H

The name Hurdles2Hoops was chosen as it represents those who have gone through and are going through Hurdles as asylum seekers and refugees in the UK be it mental/emotional, and/or physical issues; and  Hoops is twofold as it representative of the sport- Basketball, but also reaching a goal and/or the alleviation of the hurdles faced.

Our Aims

  • To engage the selected disadvantaged target group in a positive environment.
  • To increase health and fitness.
  • To increase the exposure and participation of female athletes.
  • To provide an inclusive space for a community that is considered at-risk and disadvantaged.
  • To boost the popularity and advantages in an underrepresented sport in UK.
  • To create a sense of community and hope for those engaged in the sport.
  • To offer a healthy escapism in order to alleviate the mental health and trauma that this target group face.
  • To bring some hope, dignity and empower the selected group.
  • To break barriers that the selected group face in navigating life in the UK
  • To Integrate the targeted group in society
  • Promote their safety, recovery and health and wellbeing by meeting people where they are at
  • Provide complementary integration measures such as supporting with internships and volunteering experiences, language, cultural and vocational sessions through fun participatory activities,
  • Provide a safe and supportive space where Refugees and Asylum seekers can rebuild their independence and be empowered to build a stable future.

Our Objectives

  • By positively engaging participants by offering regular Basketball sessions.
  • Creating and building on positive relationships and creating a sense of community
  • Offering activity-based sessions mixed with educational to integrate targeted group into society.
  • Work with other organisations in order to support their recovery and wellbeing
  • Provide assistance in navigating a new city.